MY PASSION FOR BAKING started with OMA, an amazing 85-year-old Limburgs grandma, who taught me all the secrets of the TRADITIONAL BELGIAN PASTRIES (the famous Limburgse vlaaien) to which nobody can resist, but of which one bite can satisfy you for a day!
On the contrary, my mother made me a fervent supporter of a very LIGHT and HEALTHY CUISINE. She always chooses ORGANIC products, and never uses a gram of butter nor sugar in her delicious dishes ! 
This is why I decided to reinvent Oma's recipes and create my DElightFUL DESSERTS which are prepared WITHOUT butter or refined sugar (the natural sweet flavour of my DElightFUL DESSERTS only comes from fruit juice, some honey drops or herbal sweetner) and made with organic products from LOCAL farms supporting SUSTAINABLE  and ORGANIC agriculture whenever possible, so that we can enjoy Oma's specialities without any moderation!